A New Frontier
in the Understanding of Cardiac Arrhythmias

A Computer

Cardiac arrhythmias impact millions of people across the globe, increasing the risk of serious health-related issues,

including stroke, heart failure, and even death. Yet, the current standard of care — including antiarrhythmic drugs and blind, anatomical-based ablation therapy — is suboptimal and is associated with severe side effects and disappointingly low success rates.¹

There is a critical need for a safe and more effective ECG-based arrhythmia mapping system.

Vektor Medical, Inc. aims to revolutionize arrhythmia therapy with vMap™, a next generation, non-invasive system. Using the standard 12-lead ECG, vMap™ has been designed to provide physicians with actionable information  by visualizing potential arrhythmia hotspots in all four chambers of the heart.

Workflow Optimized


Vektor’s technology has been designed to provide physicians with information on arrhythmias in all four of the heart chambers.

¹ Saksena S, Slee A, Waldo AL et al. JACC 2011;58:1975-85; Verma et al. STAR-AF2 Trial (NEJM 2015)