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vMap unlocks valuable insights from the
12-lead ECG.

Utilizing advanced algorithms and ai-based techniques, vMap enables physicians to rapidly and accurately locate source locations for both focal and fibrillation-type arrhythmias, driving enhanced outcomes and efficiencies.

Intuitive &​ Accurate

Non-invasive, four chamber mapping.*

Maps focal and fibrillation arrhythmias and atrial and ventricular pacing​
Advanced, proprietary algorithms generate beat-by-beat 2D & 3D cardiac maps​
Helps physicians drives efficiencies & better patient outcomes*
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See The Power Of vMap For Yourself.​​​​​


Created by physicians, for physicians.​

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FDA-cleared for nine arrhythmia and pacing types

Can be utilized for triage, planning and procedures

Provides rich insights that can streamline both mapping and ablation

vMap® is covered by one or more US Patents: 10,319,144; 10,595,736; 10,617,314; 10,709,347; 10,856,816; 11,013,471; 11,189,092; 11,259,756; 11,344,263; 11,490,854 and 11,380,055. Additional US and international patents pending.

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