Clinical Studies for vMap®

The vMap Study

​Forward-solution Computational Arrhythmia

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Dr. Krummen presenting "The vMap Study" at HRS 2022.
Regional accuracy for VT & PVCs in patients without significant structural heart*
Regional accuracy for all episodes*
Accuracy for the exact or neighboring segment for all episodes*
15 mm
Median center-to-center spatial accuracy*
48 seconds
Median completion of the mapping process*
The results were not impacted by lead placement or patient size/anatomy. ​

The vMap Time Study

Forward-Solution Computational Arrhythmia Mapping is Associated with Decreased Procedural Time, Fluoroscopy Use, and Cost.

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American College of Physicians Southern California Chapters 1, 2, 3 Abstract Competition and Scientific Program
20% lift
in procedure throughput *
68 minutes
Reduction in total procedure duration *​
Reduction in fluoroscopy time *
reduction in EP lab costs *

Radio-Ablation Planning Study Utilizing vMap

Computational ECG mapping and respiratory gating to optimize stereotactic ablative radiotherapy workflow for refractory ventricular tachycardia.

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Dr. Ho presenting at HRS 2022

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Vektor Medical, Inc.

The Next Generation In Non-Invasive Arrhythmia Mapping

Vektor Medical was established to improve cardiac arrhythmia care and increase patient quality of life. We have developed a patented, next-generation technology designed for functionally mapping cardiac arrhythmias.  Vektor’s vMap™ technology is rapid, non-invasive, and optimized for the clinical workflow. vMap™ harnesses the power of computational modeling to analyze the information contained in a patient’s standard ECG.

vMap™ has been designed to provide the physician with activation source information, for evaluation, investigation, and potential treatment within a matter of minutes.

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Clinical Studies for vMap​

Vektor Medical innovates smart, non-invasive cardiac arrhythmia mapping tools that aim to improve first pass ablation success and reduce overall procedure time.

Traditional mapping techniques are labor intensive¹, lengthy², and often provide incomplete information³.

vMap® harnesses the power of non-invasive data to simplify cardiac mapping. Combining proprietary computational modeling and 12-lead ECG data, vMap enables mapping of stable and unstable rhythms to assist the physician in improving cardiac arrhythmia care.

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Comprehensive multi-chamber mapping that can map arrhythmias in < 3 minutes
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Advanced, proprietary algorithm generates beat-by-beat 2D & 3D cardiac maps to precisely locate potential ablation sites.
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5-step workflow simplifies setup and training while significantly reducing overall fluro exposure
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